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With Buff Boys Cleaning, there's no lack of elbow grease being put in to the work on your home.

We make it our mission to get rid of any dirt, grime, streaks, or other imperfections in your windows.

We take special care of every job we have, because we are a small business focused on growing by making customers happy.

It's our mission, with your support, to be able to offer even more services in the future to be able to clean your entire home.

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Why Should I Get My Windows Cleaned?

Dirt, pollen, residue and little ones fingerprints can build up very quickly and leave a layer of nastiness on your window. Especially in Las Vegas where there is more than a fair share of dust from construction.. if you are near a construction site you'll want to get them cleaned more frequently than usual. On top of getting rid of the dirt and other bacteria, getting your windows clean increases curb appeal and increases the amount of natural light coming in to your home, which makes everyone inside much happier.

How Often Should I Get Them Cleaned?

This number depends on your location and personal preferences. If you live nearby active construction, you'll want to get on our construction service plan, which is a more frequent cleaning to ensure the dust doesn't build up too much on your windows. A good standard is to get your windows cleaned at least twice a year. If possible, 3 or 4 times will ensure clean windows in every season.

What if it Rains After We Clean Them?

It's completely okay if it rains after we clean your windows, as if your window is clean, the rain will run right off of the window. Its because of the dirtiness of the window that rain will make them look even more dirty because of sticking to the dirt. However, this is obviously not guaranteed because dust can come from anywhere, so if you are on one of our regular routes, we will come one time inbetween each service and touch up any dirty windows after a rainstorm.

Do I Need To Clean My Solar Panels?

The benefits of cleaning your solar would be: increased energy output, extend the life of the solar panels, and to protect against too much calcification from rain or hose water, which could void your warranty in extreme cases.

Why Does it Matter That You Guys Are Buff?

We believe how you do one thing is how you do everything. We have a firm belief that discipline is built in the gym, and it creates hard workers even when you don't want to work hard. We translate that hard work into another thing that we also love doing, which is serving customers with a top tier service.

What if My Technician Isn't Really That Buff?

Let us know immediately so that we can issue a full refund.

Just kidding. Buffness is relative, and also a multi year journey that we're on. So if your tech isn't the buffest in the world, give him time and he will be eventually



We're so confident in our work that we include a Satisfaction Guarantee. Try us out, and if you wouldn't jump in to shark infested waters to continue getting our service, call us back to fix whatever we did wrong or we give you your money back.


Aside from the perk of having the buffest boys in Las Vegas cleaning your windows thoroughly...We all know Las Vegas loves to support locals. We're an up and coming business that needs the support of our fellow Las Vegas Locals to continue growing and make your experience better and better. We were born in Henderson, raised in Boulder City, and went to college at UNLV. We know this city well and we're here to serve the community with the best service we can possibly offer.

Try us out and I promise you'll be begging us to come back...

Okay maybe that's a little bit dramatic, but what we're trying to say is...

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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